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PIFF is especially with Aisha, for Aisha, is littered with bad dreams as only a child. As young as she is more prone than his colleagues Pixies PAL is. PIFF talks in baby talk, which is difficult for most to understand. This gives the figure or the chat with the task of translating what it says. You can also not fly if it was together with other Pixies in front of Aisha was found to take it. Finally, PIFF learn to fly and learn, like three words to say: Goodbye, Aisha, and cocoa. PIFF, as young as you are, and the owner of a spell of sleep to be, it is often seen, going to sleep. PIFF, is as Aisha, brunette, green eyes, back pain relief third trimester soft light. She's in a pair of striped Pajama pants color cream with piping in red dressed. The little tank top is pink roses with cream patches. Above his head is a short puffy dark pink with spots cream, an arc light cream and dark brown Ribbon trim and tie (in the show, there are great points and all devices is flattened). Because you lot, not sleeping in shoes. Their wings are bright pink and soon she fell not wings. PAL uses a yellow throat parts color clear jacket sleeve, with several flyers and letter of dismissal in style, ballerina green shoes a skirt pink lace legs reach all on their knees. Hair with a pink ribbon in each sandwich. Sweet dream: is the unique ability of PIFF brings others to sleep and turn their dreams of evil forever. It works when sleep PIFF in the head of a person so that they fall asleep immediately. If the person sleeping, nightmares, which intercept capability, these nightmares and turn them into good dreams. This quiet skill, which is in the idle state, allows a good night sleep them. Sleeping in the dust: powder, is able to use of sleep so you can fall even though they can not yawn, anyone else to sleep. While the first attempt of Aisha to the Pixies to save PAL could save only one. PIFF Alfea were returned to save the rest of the Pixies, while Aisha, bloom and Stella. His power is used once by PIFF, when he saw that Aisha was a nightmare; He used his magic to trap and finally the dream of Aisha, so calm. At the end of the second season, that she your cocoa is tired and chat to keep awake and says his first word: Coco. PAL did not appear in season 3. It appears in four episodes, Episode 9, 19, 20 and 21. In episode 9, PAL and Pixies created a picnic to promote flowering. In episode 19, it is considered just to sleep with Aisha. In episode 20, he is seen with the rest of the Pixies in the village. In episode 21, he is seen with Timmy. Then riven comes and says he should lead it in the direction of Musa. PAL was the only Winx fairy in Pixie village found, when they came to visit the tree of life. I fed in one of the houses and their nightmares to sleep the dream Devourer butterfly, create a monster who has managed to capture other Pixies. After defeating him, PIFF accompanied other Pixies and the Winx at the tree of life, but not in any other episode then displayed. PIFF has attacked but a small appearance (along with the rest of the Pixies) during the creation of the lanterns of Trix. Learning about PIFF Pixie shopping, since she was only a child, subtitles were provided, so that the audience can read what he said,.